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Top Fleet Employer Awards

Triangle Freight Services Ltd. along with 5 additional divisions of the STG Group of Companies have received honours in Trucking HR Canada's Top Fleet Employer Awards.

Congratulations Edge, HWT, Kindersley, STG Fleet Services, Tiger and Triangle!

Thank you to all our Employees and Contractors for your hard work and dedication to make this possible!

SmartWay Transport Partner

Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiencies recognizes Siemens Transportation Group Inc., as a registered SmartWay Transport Partner. Click here for more information.

2017 Safe Employer Certificate of Merit - Worksafe Saskatchewan

Siemens Transportation Group Inc., demonstrated a committment to injury prevention and the resulting impact of safety management programs in the workplace.


Canada's Top 100 Carriers For 2017

Siemens Transportation Group Inc., was recognized as one of Canada's Top 100 Carriers of 2017! Companies were ranked based on total vehicle counts, including power units and trailers, as reported in January 2017. Thank you to all our Employees and Contractors for making this achievement possible.

Worksafe Saskatchewan

Triangle Freight Services Ltd. was awarded a WorkSafe Saskatchewan Certificate of Achievement in 2017. Please click here for more details.


Saskatchewan's Top 100 Companies of 2016

Saskbusiness Magazine showcased Siemens Transportation Group Inc. among Saskatchewan's Top 100 Companies of 2016. This award evaluates companies based on sales revenue and therefore represents the most prominent businesses in Saskacthewan.

Thank you at all for making this achievement possible!


Canada's Top 100 Carriers

Siemens Transportation Group Inc., was recognized as one of Canada's Top 100 Carriers of 2016! Companies were ranked based on total vehicle counts, including power units and trailers, as reported in January 2016. Thank you to all our Employees and Contractors for making this achievement possible.


Certificate of Achievement

Triangle Freight Services Ltd. was awarded a WorkSafe Saskatchewan Certificate of Achievement in 2016. Please click here for more details.

ABEX Finalist 2015

We are pleased to announce that Siemens Transportation Group Inc. has been named a finalist in the service category for the 2015 ABEX Awards! This award recognizes a Saskatchewan business demonstrating exceptional performance in providing quality customer service.

Thank you to all our Employees and Contractors as without your hard work this would not be possible.

Today's Trucking
Roll on Saskatchewan
Siemens Family

"Growing to be one of Canada's most respected carriers, the Siemens family has stayed true to the values that brought them success and maintained their prairie roots along the way."

For complete article click here.

TranSim IV Driver Simulator - Training Drivers with 21st Century Technology

Siemens Transportation Group Inc. is leading the way in driver training technology with its use of the $150,000 TranSim IV Driver Simulator.

With 29 possible programmable scenarios in four databases, drivers will be effectively trained in fuel efficiency, shifting competencies and accident avoidance, which includes weather changes, different road structures and vehicle failures.

Simulator Features:

  • boasting 3 channel, 80 degree high-resolution plasma screens
  • 140 possible engines
  • 240 possible transmissions
  • 33 axle ratios to be trained on

The programmed simulator will effectively train drivers to rise to all challenges thrown their way without putting the public's safety at risk.

Courtesy of the trainer, who can control each scenario, drivers may have to deal with suddenbrake failure, icy road conditions, and reckless drivers. They may find themselves in the middle of heavy snowfalls, foggy conditions, or having to deal with a sudden tire blowout. The new driver simulator can help drivers learn to deal with each possibly disastrous condition without putting additional miles and wear and tear on a fleet of trucks.

By using the simulators four databases - Suburban, Rural, Mountain Pass and Freeway - drivers will be effectively introduced to the wide-ranging landscapes they may encounter as they travel the nation's thousands of kilometres.

In addition, drivers can learn to correct any errors they may make during the simulated exercise; thanks to the simulator's playback capability. Not only can drivers take another look at what their vehicle did during the exercise from a variety of vantage points, they can also examine what they were doing themselves.

The simulator's built-in camera allows drivers to consider what they could have done differently in any given scenario, whether that means more effective scanning of the field of vision, or the way they operate the vehicle.

The simulator's use will be a valuable asset to the Siemens Transportation Group's current and changing curricula, and will allow drivers to learn how to drive for fuel economy and public safety. Siemens Transportation Group - innovators in Saskatchewan's trucking industry.

The Siemens Transportation Group will continue to enhance its driver training program and lead the way for training programs in Western Canada.

For further information about the driver simulator or the Siemens Transportation Group's training programs, contact the Corporate Safety Department at 306-668-3529.

Erwen Siemens inducted into the Saskatchewan Transportation Hall of Fame.

Background - The Saskatchewan Transportation Hall of Fame is located in the Western Development (History of Transportation) Museum in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It was established by the Saskatoon and Regina Transportation Clubs to recognize and honour our transport pioneers.

The Saskatchewan Transportation Hall of Fame was officially opened on June 7th, 1989, by the honourable Grant Hodgins, MInister of Highways and Transportation.

Purpose - The basic purpose of the Saskatchewan Transportation Hall of Fame is to formally and publicly recognize persons who, in the course of their residence in Saskatchewan, or through their extensive involvement in the transportation industry in the province, have made outstanding contributions which brought about positive developments of significant and lasting benefit to transportation and distribution in Saskatchewan.

Inductees - E. (Erwen) Siemens.
Mr. Erwen Siemens founded Kindersley Transportation Ltd., now part of the Siemens Transportation Group, in 1962. He was 21 years old and had been working in his father's trucking business since the age of fifteen. While working for his father, he got a firsthand look at how a trucking business operated as he was involved in all aspects of the business including driving for several years. Although the knowledge gained in these years would assist him when he started his own business, it was his intuitive skills that would make him successful.

He has a definite passion for the trucking industry. He has been a member of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association for over 30 years and the Canadian Trucking Alliance for over 15 years. In both associations he served as President, which was a significant commitment as it took important time away from his business. He has the desire to see the industry grow and develop into a respectful profession. Though both these organizations he was honored with the "Trailmobile" Industry Person of the Year" for his positive contributions and impact to the motor truck industry. During his term as President of the CTA, he was instrumental in the partnership development of the Mexican, American and Canadian Trucking Associations. This partnership formed a foundation to permit carriers to operate more freely between the countries.

Erwen is a skilled negotiator. He endeavors to negotiate a win-win deal. He understands the needs of the other parties to achieve their goals. He is aware that another deal will occur in the future and that fair honest bargaining is the only way to deal.

The ability to read people and trigger their strength and capabilities is an absolute asset to Erwen. This ability has assisted him in developing a competent staff that is loyal to him. His key people are all long time employees, which is essential for sustainable growth and stability..

He has been heavily involved in his community church where he has served on several boards such as Redberry Bible Camp (camp for children), Central Haven Personal Care Home (seniors' care home), and moderator (head of the church board).

He is a dedicated family man who has raised five children (Doug, Darrell, Terry, Thomas and Lisa) with his wife Lily Ann while building his business. This is his greatest accomplishment as both his business and family have been built with solid foundations while facing many challenges. Erwen is currently working with and mentoring his four sons.

Inducted into the Saskatchewan Transportation Hall of Fame in June 2005.

Triangle Freight Services is Up to Date and Compatible with the New U.S. and Canadian Customs Programs.

Shipping across the border has become increasingly complicated in recent years. Both the U.S. and Canadian customs agencies have implemented new programs focusing on higher levels of security regarding all aspects of international shipping. Participation in these new programs requires highway carriers with international operations to implement and monitor new security procedures.  These new changes have come at a considerable cost but are a necessary step to continue to provide the safest means of transborder shipping.  

Triangle Freight Services has been approved to participate in the following U.S. and Canadian Customs programs:

Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

Free and Secure Trade (FAST)

Partners in Protection (PIP)

Customs Self Assessment (CSA)

Toll Free: 1-800-667-8402 Phone: 306-373-7744